New Members Safety & Training

Welcome aboard new members! Just remember that before you can join us on any of our rides, you need to do the free Safety & Training briefing to build confidence and learn to ride in the famous H.O.G.®️ pack formation and understand our sign language.

H.O.G.®️ have teamed up with Hein Jonker of Bike Talk in order to give our H.O.G.S the best possible training. Hein will be conducting the H.O.G.S Safety Pack Training for 2018. 

Course content

  • 1 hour Theory Presentation on Motorcycle Rider & Group Safety
  • 1 hour Practical & Interactive Session on Motorcycle Handling
  • 1 hour Pack Ride & Assessment to demonstrate what you've learned in the training session

Safety Training is open to ALL our H.O.G. Members who feel they would like to refresh their skills. The briefings will begin at 9:00AM, usually every second Saturday of the month at the H-D Durban dealership.

This session is compulsory to earn your Chapter rocker  which helps to keep all chapter riders safe. All members who have completed the Safety Training Course and two signed-off pack rides but have not received their Durban Chapter rockers, are urged to make contact with us using the H.O.G. e-mail address. Our H.O.G. Diner will be open to offer you a coffee and a good breakfast should you need or want it.

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Safety Training

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